Chinese students experience Greek drama in summer school in town of Nafplio

ATHENS, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- The first Greek drama summer school for Chinese students is taking place in the Peloponnese region, southern Greece, introducing them to the mystique of this globally acclaimed form of classical theater and literature.

The town of Nafplio hosts from July 27 to Aug. 4 the first Greek Educational Drama Summer School, which is organized by the country's "Study in Greece" initiative, the Theater Studies Department of the University of the Peloponnese and the Athens-based Muse Academy founded by Chinese dancer Miao Bin.

The purpose of this summer school, as well as the winter schools organized by the same entities, is to bring Chinese pupils to Greece and have them experience and study the Greek theater to bring it back to China, promoting cultural exchange.

The school's program includes visits to ancient and modern theaters, the creation of plays using elements from ancient Greek drama, and even a brief performance in English at the world-famous ancient theater of Epidaurus based on the Birds of Aristophanes.

"The experience was quite novel for the Chinese students, as they had previously only known about Greek mythology. Now they have got familiar with the ancient Greek drama, even though the language element makes it rather difficult for them," Miao Bin told Xinhua in a phone interview.

"They have really taken to it with excitement, and learnt from it as we are using drama for education," he added.

Anna Tsichli, a tutor of the University of the Peloponnese's Theater Studies Department, also told Xinhua that the Chinese students as well as their escorting parents, have proven eager to learn and transcend the language barrier.

"This is an exceptional group of students, with ages ranging from six to 15 years and with good English, who have been very efficient in adopting the principles of Greek drama," said Tsichli.

She also noted another drama school is scheduled for next summer.

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