Book promotion marks 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China, Albania

TIRANA, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- The promotion of a book reflecting the Sino-Albanian friendship was held here on Thursday to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The book promotion was organized by the Sino-Albanian Friendship Association (SAFA) and the Confucius Institute of Tirana University in Tirana.

The book entitled "A life with you" is written by Loreta Bedalli, a former student in China, in memory of her late husband Bujar Bedalli, former president of the SAFA for 23 years.

Speaking to the participants in the activity, SAFA President Spartak Nano said that the book carries historical, cultural as well as political values.

"The traditional friendship established seven decades ago is an important factor and in recent years the human and cultural cooperation and trade exchanges among our two countries are giving more results in the benefit of our two peoples," Nano said.

Chinese Ambassador to Albania Zhou Ding expressed his pleasure to meet with friends to talk about the history and friendship between China and Albania.

"Every time we meet, I feel very warm and inspired as all of you are keeping alive the historical memories of Sino-Albanian friendship. You are the book that can be read endlessly," Zhou said.

Citing the book "A life with you", Zhou said Albanian students who studied in China in the 1960s and 1970s had experienced unforgettable youth there, and some found real love, such as Loreta Bedalli and her husband.

"Despite the change of international situation, Sino-Albanian friendship has always been the foundation and strong impetus for the bilateral relations," Zhou added.

Bedalli said the book is a personal experience of her life since she went to study in China in 1961 and is also a dedication to the life she spent together with her husband in working for the flourishing of Sino-Albanian relations.

In the book she has tried to reflect and present the friendly social relations between Albanian and Chinese people in 1968-1978, Bedalli said.

"The title of the book has two meanings -- first to commemorate my husband Bujar Bedalli and our life together since we met as students in Beijing; and second to say that my husband and I have been connected to China and the Chinese people during all our life," Bedalli said.

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