Suzhou Orchestra brings Chinese folk music to Poland
2019-02-11 07:54 | Xinhua

  The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra drew hundreds of music lovers to its "Grand Chinese New Year Concert" held here on Tuesday night.

  The concert, hosted by the Warsaw Philharmonic, was conducted by Pang Kapang, who was named one of China's 10 most talented young conductors in 2014.

  The audience was deeply impressed with the young orchestra's great vigor and dedication. After the performance, the orchestra received a standing ovation.

  Liu Guangyuan, Chinese ambassador to Poland, said that the audio-visual feast presented by the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra to the Polish people is of great significance, showed the beauty of Chinese music, the beauty of Suzhou and the beauty of China.

  Established in 2017, the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra has been dedicated to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture by integrating Chinese folk music into orchestra performances, and reinterpreting and expressing traditional Chinese music through the symphonic form.

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