Chinese embassy in Greece marks PLA's 92nd founding anniversary
2019-07-28 20:18 | Chinese embassy in Greece

On July 26, the Chinese embassy in Greece hosted a reception to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA), which falls on Aug 1.


Chinese Ambassador to Greece H.E. Mr. Zhang Qiyue, and more than 200 guests including military and political officials from the Greek defense ministry, military services, civil protection ministry, police headquarters, and other departments, attended the reception.


In a keynote speech, Xu Dazhuang, defense attaché of the Embassy acknowledged the PLA's contribution to the country and to the world over the past 92 years. He stressed that China's military always adheres to the principle of defense and self-defense, and that the development of the Chinese military is entirely for the purpose of safeguarding national security and development, and protecting the Chinese people from the perils of war.


Xu also unveiled the latest defense white paper: China's National Defense in the New Era. He pointed out the white paper will help the international community better understand China's national defense approach and policies. China will continue to follow a path of peaceful development and adamantly uphold its national military policies, which are defensive in nature. It also emphasized China’s commitment to promoting regional and world peace and stability, and keeping its active role in UN peacekeeping operations.


Xu said over the past year, China-Greece relations have enjoyed sound development with fruitful cooperation in various fields. China-Greece military exchanges and cooperation will continue to play an important role in deepening mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation and maintaining regional and world peace and stability.


Guests congratulated China on the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the PLA, spoke highly of China's achievements in national development and national defense, and highly appreciated China for actively fulfilling its international responsibilities and obligations, maintaining world peace and presenting its image as a responsible major country.


During the reception, the guests also watched a documentary exhibition on PLA: A Military Aiming to Maintain World Peace, which vividly tells a touching story about the Chinese military's efforts to maintain world peace and promote common development, and truly records the Chinese military's love and responsibility for peace.

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