• Spotlight: Promising 16+1 cooperation helps boost European development, integration
• Spotlight: China, CEEC cooperation a model to advance Belt and Road Initiative
• Chinese premier arrives in Hungary for official visit, China-CEEC summit
• Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has vowed to bring cooperation between China and the 16 Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) and relations between China and Hungary to a higher level.
• China-CEEC think tanks gather in Hungary for "16+1 cooperation" discussion
• "One Belt, One Road" initiative brings more than infrastructure to Central and Eastern Europe
• Minister of Culture, along with 16 Central and Eastern European countries and Chinese ministers, signed the Hangzhou Declaration
• Premier Li sends congratulatory letter to China-CEEC forum
• Libraries from China, CEEC form a consortium
• Chinese vice minister suggests harmonization of education policies with CEE countries
• Belt, Road Initiative crucial for China-CEE relations: Chinese ambassador to Poland
• Central and Eastern European parties initiate closer ties with China
• Senior CPC official expects parties of China, CEE countries to enhance dialogue
• Spotlight: Central and Eastern European parties initiate closer ties with China
• 2017 Ministerial Workshop on Regional Cooperation of "16+1"
• China-CEEC "16+1 cooperation" mechanism fruitful: Chinese vice premier
• China, Bulgaria sign declaration on setup of China-CEEC Agricultural Cooperation Demonstration Zone
• Forum in Serbia promotes China, CEE cooperation in cultural heritage
• China launches "China-CEE Institute" think tank in Hungary
• Serbia may waive visa requirements for Chinese visitors from 2017
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