China is economically successful, socially humane, says former Serbian official

BELGRADE, March 13 (Xinhua) -- China has extraordinarily balanced economic prosperity and social welfare, proving that "it is possible to be economically successful while also being socially humane," Serbia's former minister of defence and internal affairs Aleksandar Vulin told Xinhua.

Recalling his visits to China, Vulin marveled at the nation's rapid development and the dedication of its people.

"Every time, I was amazed at how quickly the country is developing. Every time, I was amazed at how dedicated the people I talked to, how dedicated they are to their country, their jobs, and what they do. I always learned something," he said.

He expressed his appreciation for China's respectful and advisory approach despite its vast size and global influence.

"Serbia holds profound respect for the People's Republic of China, not merely due to its size, but owing to the exemplary leadership it embodies," Vulin said.

"China knows how to talk and listen. China is a partner, not a commander. China does not dictate, China advises. This is a model that other nations ought to heed," he added.

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